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Summer Time Fine with itiba Beauty

0131_073A0383Summer time is finally here and itiba has everything you need to maintain flawless, glowing skin in the season’s heat and be summer time fine! One of the biggest concerns for many during this steamy season is the appearance of dry skin. Being outside in the blazing sun for hours on end at the beach, in the park or doing other outdoor activities exposes the skin to the harsh elements of the sun. This can cause the skin to develop fine lines and wrinkles while appearing dehydrated, peeled, irritated and inflamed. Couple that with harsh soaps plus extra long baths & showers and you’ve got yourself a recipe for dull, dry skin. How can you avoid the appearance and annoyance that comes along with dry skin? Here are itiba’s four ways to protect and care for your skin from head to toe this summer and keep you summer time fine!


  1. Water Does The Body Good

When the summertime heat turns up, our bodies can become dehydrated very quickly. Who can remember to drink water throughout the day when we’re busy lounging on the beach drinking boozy beverages and sugary drinks? However, it’s important to drink plenty of water when the weather is a scorcher to ensure your skin remains hydrated and your energy levels stay high. Give your recommended 64 ounces a fun twist by infusing it with fruits and herbs like strawberries, lemon, mint, lime and cucumbers.


  1. Twice is Nice

Washing your face too often is another common cause for dry skin. During the summer, our bodies produce more sweat due to the increase in temperature, causing many to take more showers and wash our faces to rid ourselves of that sticky, yucky feeling that comes with 90+ degree temperatures. Wash your face only twice a day to prevent excessive drying of the skin. itiba’s Midnite Rain Body Soap is the ideal product for facial cleansing due to its detoxification capabilities. For oily and acne-prone skin, our Carib Lime Body Soap will cleanse and clear the skin without stripping it of oils.


  1. Cool as a Cucumber

Change up your long, hot shower routine this summer and take a 5-10 minute cool (not cold) shower instead. Hot water strips oils from the skin and the longer the shower, there’s a greater chance that your skin will lose its moisture, becoming dried out and dehydrated. Sooth and nourish dry skin with our Papaya Body Polish! Made with smoothly blended cornmeal, unrefined Shea Butter and natural oils, the luscious scent of papaya nectar will whisk your senses away to a tropical paradise while it gently exfoliates and moisturizes without drying your skin like many sugar and salt scrubs do.


  1. Minutes to Moisturize

Time is of the essence when it comes to moisturizing your skin. Be sure to moisturize within 3-5 minutes of taking a shower or washing your face and hands to lock in the skin’s moisture. Always pat your skin dry with a towel after washing your body, face or hands to ensure skin remains damp prior to moisturizer application. For instant relief of dry, patchy and irritated skin, get your hands on our Tranquil Sea Body Butter. Like all of our body butters, its non-greasy formula absorbs quickly into the skin while deeply conditioning and moisturizing.


Get your summertime fine by implementing these small changes in your routine. They will make all the difference in the quality and texture of your skin this summer, even all year round! For products rooted in Mother Earth from the teachings of our Caribbean ancestors, use itiba’s skincare line of lotions, soaps, body butters, polishes and more. Made with the natural ingredients of plant oils and butters plus no synthetic detergents or harsh chemicals, each itiba product is carefully and thoughtfully handcrafted in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Discover a new skin care with itiba, a natural skin care company, at!


Too Good To Be True…

And for the most part, those offers usually are.

How many times have you had an offer come up or presented and you thought “WOW! Just what I needed!” And there you go full force into the project only to find out it was not what it seemed to be? I know I have, one too many times. But it has left me more wary and probably a bit more cynical especially when dealing with companies that promise money for little to nothing. I am not saying that there are not legitimate ones out there, but for the most part, everybody if looking to make a dollar and there are those out there who are willing to steal from you just to make that dollar.

Every week I have offers from companies that claim to want to help me expand my product line, give me money or get me into a sweet corner of the world…all I need to do is give them some money. Now, we do live in a capitalistic society and you cannot expect to get something for nothing. That is all well and good, but let’s look to see what it is that they are offering and what it is that they want in return for that offering. When we do a simple Google search or even ask a trusted business mentor, we find out that the offer is no better than the proverbial bridge in Brooklyn and resort on the far side of the moon that is for sale. But what is worse, is that once we have been hoodwinked, we find ourselves very embarrassed and unwilling to share the experience for fear of being looked at by our business peers as foolish or ignorant. The truth is, these sharks are getting more crafty and you can be someone who does your research, but you are still only human and they do find ways of getting through and doing their damage. The thing is not to hide, but to expose them and to help other small businesses be wary of them as well.

I have had one Washington based company, Empower Your Dreams, hoodwink me to the tune of nearly $1,000.00. Unfortunately, even after contacting the Attorney General of Washington state, very little could be done because of my physical location. That was a very powerful lesson for me to learn. I did what I thought at the time was due diligence, I checked out their website and they even came recommended by someone who had helped me previously. But the set up was wonderful and the take down classic. Another came in the form of entry into one of the US’s top retailers, nation wide access. Again, the set up was wonderful. I was still reeling from the previous one and was willing to just keep my head in the sand and plow on ahead. But here comes a friend, or so I had hoped, who told me that a friend of her’s wanted to help take my products national! Was I willing to go forward? Of course I jumped at the chance.

I thought this was the opportunity that I was waiting for. I did my due diligence. Spoke with both principles of the company. Did my Google search and found very credible evidence on both of them. Found their websites and received plenty of documentation from both of them and thought, “Hallelujah! I have finally made it.” So I put my plans together. Get my business plan and financials all together. Begin looking for ground and seeking financing. But now comes the bump, the company now seems to be splitting. Irreconcilable Differences. No worries, the current “partner” I am speaking with is the true brains and money man. So we will continue. I thought, be careful, but all the proper paperwork came through, all the potential and just signed deals and now the product development contract comes through. Would you believe this scam lasted for one year! The time this one took was ridiculous. There was a answer for every question. There was a paper trail of the companies listed with the Florida State Licensing Bureau. But Photoshop and artful web design programs can do just as much damage.

Sometimes the scams that come are not so in your face that you can identify them. Sometimes they come from those who are close to you, either willingly or unwillingly. But always question, and never feel ashamed for questioning contracts and proposals. Especially if they seem too good to be true. Now, I let the scams work its way through until I see just how much money I have to spend to get something first. The high fees are seemingly  becoming a thing of the past. Now, they are asking for $500. But $500.00 from 10 people is $5000.00 and that is a good haul for one day’s worth of work. As a small business, you need to watch every penny you get. During this financial time we are in, we need to be careful of each penny we spend as well. True, I am sure there are great and trustworthy companies and people out there who are genuinely there to help small businesses such as myself and others. But with the high rate of unethical scammers out there, their voices are getting lost in the din.

If you fall victim, do not be ashamed and hide. It happens to the best of us. It has happened to me. It has made me question why I am in business. It has gotten me angry. But , it has made me a better person and taught me to look very carefully at what is being presented and to better scrutinize contracts and ask the difficult questions. If they are true, then they will allow the questions, (even though most scammers now allow you to ask and try to put you at ease). What these experiences have taught me is to trust my instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, chances are it isn’t and with good reason.

Let’s empower ourselves. This is a departure from my normal blogs, but I thought that this was important enough to discuss. I know if this has happened to me, then there are others this has happened to and may be happening now to at this moment.

What is an itiba woman?

The itiba woman is a natural woman, a caring woman. Not necessarily a mother in the literal sense, but nurturing to herself and to others. Her beauty is apparent not because of her features, but because she just radiates beauty with her smile, her actions. She is sexy and sensual.  An itiba woman is a strong, intelligent woman. An itiba woman is confident in her skin, yet versatile to wear any skin she finds ;-).

An itiba woman is A NATURAL BEAUTY (as we all are, thank you Etta-Lee)! An itiba woman is each and every one of us who welcomes the joys of being a woman and welcomes the challenges because we know we can turn them into triumphs! An itiba woman is












She radiates






An itiba woman is in each and everyone of us. When we look in the mirror she smiles back at us and tells us we can do it. She loves being a woman and enjoys her strengths and weaknesses. She knows how to turn those weaknesses into strengths!

She is you and she is me.

She is…Nature. She is…Earth. She is…Beauty!